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Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School

Lead Kindly Light, Lead Thou Me On

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Yrs 5 + 6 v Ashley - 19 January

On 19 January, Year 5 Cardinal Newman Netball Team played against Ashley.  It was our first match and we did really well. Everyone enjoyed it very much.  The team tried its best - Abi scored an amazing goal and the team was really proud of her.  Unfortunately, due to experience, the Ashley team was better on the day.  The final score was 7-1 to Ashley. 

The Year 5 team all said that the next time we play we hope to improve!

Team: Emily, Lana, Ruby, Ellen, Lucy, Abi, Erin and Saskia (captain).

Report by Saskia

On 19 January the Year 6 team played played Ashley.  The score was 14-0.  Even though it was really cold we played really well.  Although we lost, we all enjoyed ourselves.

Report by Emilia

Years 5 + 6 v Cleves - 1 February

On 1 February the Year 5 team played against Cleves.  Sadly we lost, but we scored 2 great goals in the second and third quarters (by Abi and Ruby).  We scored first to lead 1-0 and although we scored again Cleves scored 3 to win 3-2.

Team: Saskia, Khia, Ellen U, Ruby, Abbie, Lucy and Erin O

Report by Abbi and Khia

On Monday Cardinal Newman played netball at Cleves.  Although we lost 9-0 it was a very enjoyable match which we learnt a lot from.

Team: Emilia, Dani, Bella, Izzie M, Izzie P, Zara and Olivia

Report by Bella

Years 5 + 6 v St Annes - 9 February

The Year 5 and 6 netball teams played against St Anne's school on 9 February.  Both teams played very well but unfortunately the Year 6 team lost 11-0. 

Luckily the Year 5 team won 2-0 which was a great win because St Anne's were really hard to beat and even better it was the school's first netball win of the year.  Our scorers were Erin and Ruby.

Report by Lucy, Abi and Erin

Year 6 v St Ann's Heath -  7 March 2016

NETBALL V ST ANN’S HEATH On Monday the Year 6 team played an exciting match against St Ann’s Heath. The girls were very close to winning as they lost 9-7. They were pleased because they played very well. Hopefully next time they will win their match but for now the girls are very happy with the score.

Report by Lizzie and Olivia

Year 6 Netball Rally at Bell Farm - Friday 11 March

Friday 11th was an exhilarating day for the Year 6 netball team.  Court 2 at Bell Farm Primary School saw Cardinal Newman play a variety of teams, including Cleves, Ashley, Manorcroft, St Ann's Heath and finally St Jude's.

We enjoyed working together as a team as it proved just how far we had come since September.

Our best game was against Cleves - Emilia and Izzie M defended well.  Izzie M smashed the ball out of our half, where Olivia and Zara had a go at shooting.  Bella worked well to support the team as Centre.  Dani, Izzie P and Lizze kept us going with encouragement.

Overall everyone played extremely well and are very happy with the results!

Report by Olivia and Zara

Year 6 v St Jude's - Monday 21 March

Cardinal Newman's Year 6 team played a match against St Jude's.  We were disappointed to lose but we all went out happy knowing we had played well, sadly losing 8-1.  The girls knew it just wasn't their day but had high hopes for the next match against Bell Farm

Report by Year 6 girls

Years 5 and 6 v Bell Farm - Tuesday 22 March

On 22 March the Year 5 netball team played a match against Bell Farm.  Saskia and Sofia scored our oals.  It was a close match because Bell Farm scored their last goal in the last 10 seconds.

Report by Lucy and Erin

On 22 March the Year 6 team played against Bell Farm.  We played very well despite losing 15-2.

Report by Year 6 girls

Year 5 Netball Rally at Bell Farm - Friday 29 April

The Cardinal Newman netball team walked over to Bell Farm ready to play in a rally. 

Our first match was against Cleves, we played hard but sadly lost 1-0.  Next we played St Ann's Heath and we got beaten by a high score, 5-0.  Lastly, we played Thorpe Lea and we played amazingly well with the support of our parents and thankfully won 3-0.

Unfortunately, due to losing the first two matches we did not make it into the finals, but we left knowing we had played well and had fun.

Our team: Sofia, Erin O, Ruby, Ellen U, Lucy P, Abi, Khia and Saskia.

Report by Sofia and Saskia