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Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School

Lead Kindly Light, Lead Thou Me On

Xavier Education Trust


PhysiFUN Sports Training - 24.1.18

On 24 January, ten children from Year 5 took part in PhysiFUN!  It was super fun and everyone learned loads of skills to run their own PhysiFUN Club at school.  The children that took part were Mia, Grace, Aoife, Luke, Harry, Sean, Billy, Erin, Camilla and Mackenzie.

We arrived at Jubilee High School and were led to their gym.  Some schools were already there and as soon as everyone was ready we played Superman.  You started as an egg and played rock, paper, scissors.  If you won you would go up to chicken and so on, but if you lost you stayed an egg.  In a few minutes we all knew Mr NEDD – Name, Explain, Demonstrate, Deliver.

Camilla, Erin and Aoife were all leaders and after Cardinal Newman had learned Hoop, Scoot, Tag we split up.  The leaders explained this game to another school and began playing it.  Then the instructor said to swap around and we learned how to play another game, Blob Tag.  Mia and Grace explained how to play – two people started as Blobs while everyone else ran away.  If you were tagged you had to join the Blobs and if there were four blobbers you broke off in pairs.

Soon enough we played Dodgeball and Triangular Tag.  Afterwards we sat down to watch a film to learn more about PhysiFUN and the we planned the Cardinal Newman PhysiFUN club.

Overall it was a very enjoyable, fun experience and we all learned so much.  We can’t wait to start our club -  it’s starting soon on Fridays so come along and have some fun!

Report by Camilla