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Our People 2023-2024





Teaching Staff

Reception Red Class Mrs Hartfield
  Orange Class Ms Bellis
Year 1 Yellow Class Mr Simpson
  Green Class Ms Hunt
Year 2 Blue Class Mrs Gauthoron & Mrs. Coleman
  Violet Class Mrs Williams & Mrs Coleman
Year 3 Topaz Class Mrs Chaudoir
  Ruby Class Mrs Fleming
Year 4 Coral Class Mrs Mears & Mrs Kareem
  Opal Class Mr Carter
Year 5 Emerald Class Ms Bealin-Kelly
  Sapphire Class Mr Doe
Year 6 Garnet Class Mr Joice
  Amethyst Class Mrs Simpkin
Other Teaching Staff Mrs Coleman (Forest School Teacher)
  Mrs Denmead (Intervention Teacher)
  Mrs Kareem (Music Lead)
  Mrs Sharp (SLT & RE Lead)
  Mrs Rivans (Pastoral Assistant Head and SENDCO)
  Mr Fenton (PE Specialist)
  Mrs Boyes Korkis (LSA role)
  Mrs Evans (SEND Teacher) 
  Mr Joice (Academic Assistant Head)

Curriculum Support Staff

Higher Level Learning Support Assistants  
Mrs Boyes Korkis Mrs Kilburn
Mrs Haire Mrs Simmons
Ms. Englisch  
Learning Support Assistants  
Mrs Callari Ms McCauley
Mrs Caltagirone Mrs McQuillan
Mrs Canning Mrs Nash
Mrs Tiernan Mrs Salmon
Mrs Driessen Mrs Pavey
Mrs O'Halloran Mrs Santos
Mrs Lenoel Mrs Sola
Mrs Quigley Mrs Cordery
Mrs Herbert Mrs Goldsmith
Mrs Wright Mrs Cook

Lunchtime Staff

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Simmons
Lunchtime Supervisors  
Mrs Boyes Korkis Mrs Lenoel
Mrs Haire Mrs Kilburn
Mrs Salmon Ms McCauley
Mrs Callari Mrs McQuillan
Mrs Caltagirone Mrs Wright
Mrs Canning Mrs Pavey
Mrs. Byerley Mrs Sola
Mrs Santos Mrs Tiernan
Mrs Driessen Mrs Herbert
Mrs O'Halloran Mrs Messina

Admin & Premises Staff

Office Manager Mrs Madden
Finance Manager Mrs Bahoshy
Finance Administrator Mrs Gilhooly
School Office Mrs Brennan
  Mrs Gilhooly
  Mrs Lenoel
Caretaker Mr Philp

Whizz Kids Breakfast Club and After School Club  Staff

Supervisor Mrs O'Halloran
Deputy Supervisor Ms McCauley
Playworkers Mrs Caltagirone
Mrs Tiernan Mrs Santos
Mrs Haire Mrs Cook
Mrs Nash Mrs Byerley


Mrs Lowther Mrs Khelifa
Mrs Bourne Mrs May