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Sports Premium July 2023 update

Sports Premium July 2022 update

Sports Premium July 2021 update

Sports Premium July 2020 update

Sports Premium 2018-2019 - Autumn Term Update
Sports Premium 2018-2019 - Spring Term Update
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Sports Premium 2017-2018 Summary
(includes Swimming summary)

Sports Premium 2017-2018 - Spring Term Update
(includes Swimming summary)

Sports Premium 2016-2017 Summary

Background to the grant

The Government is continuing to provide funding to improve provision of Physical Education (P.E.) and sport in primary schools. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary school headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. The sport funding is ring fenced and can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.


The aims of the grant are to ensure children have the chance to:

  • Enjoy P.E. and sport in school
  • Compete against their peers
  • Have the chance to achieve sporting excellence from a young age


The following measures have been put in place to hold schools accountable for their spending:

  • Ofsted will strengthen its coverage of P.E. and Sport within the inspectors handbook and supporting guidance
  • Schools will need to publish on their websites how they use the grant allocated to them

Our Commitment

At Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School we pride ourselves on our high level of quality provision in a number of sports. We believe that participating in sport not only develops the child physically but enables the child to grow in a holistic manner both socially and academically. We aim to provide every pupil with access to two hours of Physical Education provision per week, whether through direct teaching during curriculum time or through the large number of extra-curricular clubs we offer.

Impact and sustainable outcomes of the Sports Premium Grant

Participation levels are high at Cardinal Newman and enjoyment of P.E. is evident in lessons. In the past four years through the Sports Premium funding we have been able to strengthen the delivery of the Physical Education curriculum by employing specialists that have challenged all pupils and contributed to staff CPD. 

Sports Premium provided us with the opportunity to employ a specialist PE coach for Years 2 to 6.  Employing a specialist coach has enabled us the opportunities for staff to team teach/ observe and therefore improve their subject knowledge and delivery. We believe at Cardinal Newman School that it is vital to maintain the opportunities for staff to continuously receive CPD. In the past year we have also worked with Val Sabin to give staff the opportunities to gain more confidence in the delivery of Physical Education.

By employing a specialist coach it has enabled us to provide more extra-curricular opportunities for pupils. We offer a wide variety of extra- curricular clubs and are always looking to widen the scope and especially provide opportunities across the primary age range.

Sports premium has enabled us this year to purchase 4 table tennis tables, thus introducing a new sport at Cardinal Newman. In September we will introduce a new extra-curricular club for table tennis. It is noticeable that table tennis appeals to a wide range of children, including those who do not engage in more traditional sports.

High levels of physical activity and engagement in sport continues to be a key strength of the school and we know from research that physical exercise can develop confidence and attainment and a sense of belonging to the school.

In addition year 3 pupils have swimming lessons at The Xcel Leisure Centre with suitably qualified staff. This is tailored to their swimming ability and they have the opportunity to gain recognised swimming awards.

When planning to spend the Sports Premium Grant we were careful to consider the need to sustain an impact on the area of Physical Education. We focussed on; training staff to ensure continuously high level delivery of PE, introducing new sports to the children, increasing participation, more opportunities for pupils to take part in competitive sport.

Extra-Curricular and Competitive Sport

We offer a large range of sports clubs at Cardinal Newman with the aim of providing ‘something for everyone’. The following list is a snapshot of what was offered to the children during 2017/18 Academic Year:


Year Group

Athletics (run by school)




Surrey Football Coaching


Creative Dance




Irish Dancing


Cross Country Athletics


Football (run by school)




Tennis (run by school)


Tennis (Surbiton Racket Club)


Tora Kai Judo


Hockey (run by school)


Ballet Club



Our school is an active member of ERPSSA (Elmbridge, Runnymede, Primary School Sports Association) and as such we take part in a number of football, netball, cricket, rugby, athletics, golf and hockey competitions throughout the course of the year.

We have achieved a number of sporting successes over recent years and have grown a reputation for competing at a high level in all sporting competitions. As a school it is important for us to give all pupils the opportunity to represent the school in at least one competitive sporting fixture during their time at Cardinal Newman School.

The Sports Premium funding enabled us to participate in the following sporting competitions throughout the year.


Type of Fixture












County Final

Cross Country


District Athletics


District Netball


District Football (Boys)


District Football (Girls)