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Cross Country at Salesian - November 2010

On Tuesday 16th November our cross country team, along with five other schools, took part in the Salesian Cross Country Competition in Chertsey. With temperatures hovering not too far above zero and a thick blanket of fog hovering not too far above the ground, it proved to be yet another fantastic sporting day for the school.
Our team of almost 70 children from years 3 to 6, cheered on by fantastic parental support, performed superbly. Cross country is a team event and our sparkling individual performers were ably supported by the other team members ensuring overall success when the results were totalled up.
Once again we were proud of the commitment, team spirit and excellent behaviour of the whole team – well done everyone, you deserve your triumph!
Team Results (first 5 finishers counted to scoring, lowest total wins)
Year 3 Girls1st (23 points)
Emma Horsey 1st, Rosie Whalley 2nd, Maisy Cronin 5th, Natalia Scannella 7th, Olivia Hnatow 8th. Zahra Hadfield 21st, Sofia Scott 23rd, Isabelle Johnson 24th
Year 3 Boys3rd (61 points)
Daniel Horsey 7th, Louis Viner 8th, Luca Federico 13th, Mark Castiglione 16th, Connor Brient 17th, Christian Giardina 19th, Luca Maglio 22nd, Oliver Tyndale 23rd, Anthony De Felice 27th )
Year 4 Girls2nd (55 points)
Alice Manning 6th, Talia Swift 7th, Ella Cronin 12th, Laura Hobbs 13th, Olivia Luterbacher 17th, Hannah Lecky 18th, Harriette Wallace-Smith 30th )
Year 4 Boys1st (40 points)
Keelan Brient 2nd, Jonathan March 3rd, Charlie Hill 9th, Eoin Canning 12th, Luca Hutton 14th, Mark Broadberry 19th, Tom Cursons 22nd, Toby Bevan 24th )
Year 5 Girls1st (49 points)
Darby Begley-Jones 2nd, Mollie Kelly 4th, Sydney Bevan 12th, Jasmine Fox 13th, Georgina Townsend 18th, Caitlin Geraghty 23rd, Grace Lee 24th, Sarah Meyer 25th, Amber Lashley 26th, Mimi Kilburn 28th )
Year 5 Boys4th (77 points)
Michael Burns 5th, Dieter Appiah 13th, Mark Loggia 14th, Tyler Fifield 20th, Lennan Day 25th, Giuseppe Alessi 26th, Oliver Herbert 28th, Connor Noyes 29th, Joseph Horsey 32nd )
Year 6 Girls2nd (65 points)
Emelia Emin 10th, Phoebe Cheveley 11th, Sara Dedman 13th, Abbi Nagarajah 15th, Jasmine Steeples 16th, Sarah Broadberry 23rd, Laura Kemp 28th, Lauren Rice 29th )
Year 6 Boys1st (25 points)
Jack Montezano-Butler 1st, Ethan Lee 2nd, Michael Smith 3rd, James Navarro 9th, James Darch 10th, David Smith 11th, Adam Elvidge 21st, Thomas Mooney 25th, Charlie Macnair 26th, Louis McGrane 27th )
With 4 team wins and 2 second places from 8 races this was a remarkable team effort. We also had some sparkling individual performances with gold to Emma and Jack, silver to Rosie, Keelan, Darby and Ethan and bronze to Jonathan and Michael.
And the team performance of the day? Well, I think it’s a very close call. The Year 6 boys’ team was outstanding and once again stepped up and performed exceptionally on the big occasion – to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in this race was brilliant!  However, just edging the Year 6 boys’ for team performance of the day must go to the Year 3 girls. As our youngest team members, everything was new to them but they responded so positively and ran as fast as their legs would carry them. To finish with 5 runners in the top 8 was fantastic and gave them the lowest team total of 23 points. Well done girls – the biggest glory is yours!

Year 3 Boys  Year 4 Girls Team  Year 6 Boys
            Year 3 Boys                          Year 4 Girls                            Year 6 Boys