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Year 3+4 Girls House Football


On a gloriously sunny September day, Years 3&4 took to the field for their house football competitions. First up were the girls and we had a fantastic turn out both on the pitch and on the touchlines. The house captains worked tirelessly to organise the teams, affix shin pads, fasten laces and then the action kicked off…

The ball moved and the players moved with it…everywhere it went, they went with it…marvellous. As always, the games were great fun and they were VERY close! As we reached the final round of games, St Clare and St John Bosco were locked together on 4 points and the scene was set for a ‘winner takes all’ clash on pitch one. Like the previous games, this one was exceptionally tight and was decided by a single St John goal, the ball managing to squirm its way into the net past the despairing grasp of the St Clare goalkeeper. 1-0 to St John Bosco and it was enough to see them crowned as Year 3&4 girls champions for 2011.

Well done to all the girls who took part. It was a great competition and I hope everyone enjoyed it!


St Clare 1 St Lucy 0
St John Bosco 1 St Stephen 0
St Lucy 0 St John Bosco 0
St Clare 0 St Stephen 0
St Clare 0 St John Bosco 1
St Lucy 1 St Stephen 0


  1. St John Bosco   7 points
  2. St Clare           4 points**
  3. St Lucy           4 points
  4. St Stephen      1 point

**St Clare finished above St Lucy as they won the game between the 2 teams

NB A special mention for the fantastic, enthusiastic support delivered from the touchlines by our parents. Despite the lack of goals in some games, they never stopped cheering – it’s great to hear such excitement building as the ball crosses the halfway line…fans in the Premier League could learn a lot about getting behind their team by coming to one of our events!