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Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School

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Xavier Education Trust

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding from Government allocated to schools for children from low-income families who are eligible for Free School Meals (or who have been eligible at any point in the last six years) and for children in care who have been looked after continuously for at least six months. The purpose of the Pupil Premium is to help raise these pupils’ attainment and narrow gaps with their peers. Schools are able to use the allocation in any way they consider will best benefit their children who qualify for this funding.  Schools are, however, held accountable as to how they use the Pupil Premium to support pupils from low-income families.

Expenditure 2014-2015                                                 

Funding received £1,300 per pupil x 12 pupils £15,600
  Additional funding received at year-end      £276
  TOTAL £15,876
Expenditure Dedicated individual support
Higher Level  Teaching Assistant x 10  hrs/week
  Other Group support  £2,149
  One-to-One Tuition  £2,433
  Home School  Link Worker  £3,200
  Free School  Meals to July 2014     £558
  Free Milk       £95
  Extra-curricular     £151
  Educational visits   £1,110
  TOTAL £15,876







The evidence from end of Key Stage assessments and in-house assessments during the year 2014/15 support that interventions and additional support are having a beneficial impact upon achievement and attainment over time and further evidence supports that pupils entitled to Pupil Premium made at least expected progress in 2014-15, with the large majority making good progress.  These assessments focus upon reading, writing and maths.

Children at the end of KS2 in receipt of Pupil Premium funding made at least expected progress in reading, writing and the majority made significantly high progress.  Progress in maths was lower with the majority making expected progress.  Although this does not form a pattern across the school, it will be an area of additional focus and support in 2015-16.

Projected Expenditure 2015-16

Funding £1,320 per pupil x 12 pupils £15,840
Expenditure: Dedicated individual support
Higher Level Teaching Assistant x 12 hrs/week
  Other Group support £880
  One-to-One Tuition £1,000
  Home School  Link Worker £3,200
  Free School Meals and milk £525
  Extra-curricular activities £500
  Educational visits £2,000
  TOTAL £15,840

During 2015-16 Pupil Premium expenditure will include increased individual support as well as additional opportunities to fund extra-curricular activities and educational visits.


2014-15 Financial Year

In the 2014 to 2015 financial year Pupil Premium funding has increased and Cardinal Newman School will receive £1,300 per eligible pupil.

Funding to support looked-after children will increase to £1,900 for each eligible pupil. Eligibility for funding will be extended to all children who:

  • have been looked after for 1 day or more
  • were adopted from care on or after 30 December 2005 left care under:
    • a Special Guardianship Order on or after 30 December 2005
    • a Residence Order on or after 14 October 1991

Total Pupil Premium funding the school can expect for the 2014-15 Financial Year will be confirmed by the Department for Education shortly.

2013-14 Financial Year

Cardinal Newman school received a total of £14,295 in Pupil Premium funding.  The school has 15 pupils who are eligible for this funding.

Pupil Premium funding was used as follows to the end of March 2014:


Summary of Intervention



Wordshark (literacy support) - £1,087.50

(up-graded in 2013 for 20 concurrent users)

My Maths (used in one-to-one sessions and groups to provide targeted numeracy support) - £250


After-school Clubs

Football - £31.50 (one half term)

Zumba -£52.50 (one term)

Shout - £48.77 (holiday scheme)


School Trips

Hooke Court (Year 4) - £565

French trip (Year 6) - £560



School Dinners



School Milk



Home School Link Worker


(full cost to end academic year = £3,200)



One-to-One tuition

Teachers providing one-to-one tuition during and after school



Teaching Assistants providing group or one-to-one sessions





2012-13 Financial Year

In the year to March 2013 the funding received for Pupil Premium was £11,214. This allocation contributed to the provision of:

  • One-to-One tuition in literacy and numeracy tailored to each pupil’s targets and potential;
  • Targeted support and intervention in class
  • Access to extra-curricular activities and school trips
  • Home-School Link Worker
  • School uniform
  • Wrap-around care – Breakfast and After School Club