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Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School

Lead Kindly Light, Lead Thou Me On

Xavier Education Trust

Year 3+4 Boys House Football

And so we moved on to our final competition – it was the turn of the boys from Year 3&4. The sun was even more intense as the teams ran out at 3.30pm, the crowd was even bigger and the buzz of anticipation had risen a level. On paper, this tournament looked like it would be very keenly contested and picking a winner was a lottery. The four teams looked equally strong…everything was set up for a classic!

Once the action got underway, the boys did not let the big crowd down. This was arguably the most exciting of all the tournaments and the games had everything a spectator would wish for – great skill, thunderous challenges, goal-line scrambles, sensational goals, penalties and last minute equalisers…SKY should have been there!

The competition was as close as expected and the result was in the balance until the final minute of the final game. St Lucy were leading St John 1-0 at this point and the title was within their grasp…then a yellow shirt upended a green shirt and St John were awarded a penalty. The tension crackled…then crackled again as the spot kick had to be re-taken. The re-take was smashed into the goal, the game was drawn and the title went down to goal difference. St Lucy, with a goal difference of +1 were edged out by St John Bosco with a goal difference of +2. What a great way to end our September tournaments. Congratulations to all the boys who represented their house. Also, a big thank you and well done goes to the house captains (including the girls who stood in for St Clare) for their wonderful work on the sidelines.

St John Bosco, who won 3 of the 4 tournaments, have proven themselves to be kings and queens of the football world. Until our next round of sports tournaments, when the others will be out to prove their undoubted qualities, it’s goodbye for now!



St Clare 0 St Lucy 1
St John Bosco 2 St Stephen 2
St Clare 1 St John Bosco 3
St Lucy 1 St Stephen 1
St John Bosco 1 St Lucy 1
St Clare 2 St Stephen 1


1. St John Bosco    5 points   Goal difference +2

2. St Lucy             5 points   Goal difference +1

3. St Clare             3 points

4. St Stephen         2 points