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Tony Farrow

My Teacher was Miss O’Brien and the Head Master was Mr O’Mally.

I entered the school when it was really brand New, and I recall that the local Catholic priest Father Hayes was one of the people who knew Hersham needed a new school and pushed very hard for the school to be built.

The School was just perfect in its days, with great open spaces to play and carry out sports. I recall that one year we had an England Javelin Sports Man come to the school to assist in sports in general I can’t think of his name but he was just a great help to the school in carrying out sports.

The floods came in 1968 and the school was totally flooded out. I went to help them out and the Job I was given was to collect all the milk bottles floating all around the classes and outside too.

I can remember the smell too. My own house where I lived with my Mother was flooded out too.  It was the same week as my sister was getting narried!  just a nightmare all round.

I also remember Mr O’Mally's slipper too in his office and also the School Nurse who came around and gave us all types of jabs in the arm.

This was the Year also of the World Cup 1966 yes we won it too - everyone was playing football then.

The days I had at the school were always very helpful and I found that you not only went to school but I remember that I enjoyed school too. Is this the same today?  I’m not so sure.

Look forward to seeing everyone there on Saturday the 9th of July

All the very best