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Physical Education

At Cardinal Newman, through our Physical Education programme, we aim to:

1. Promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles – developing cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength and endurance  as well as awareness of personal hygiene

2. Develop positive attitudes – fair play, honesty, sporting behaviour, importance of practice, working as a team.

3. Ensure safe practice – following rules, wearing correct kit, lifting and using equipment, warming up and cooling down.

Through our teaching of all activities there is an emphasis on participation, good practice, enjoyment and the importance of health and fitness. We also focus on preparing the children to enjoy active and healthy lifestyles as adults.

Pupils have a minimum of two hours of PE timetabled per week. This consists of one indoor session and one outdoor session per week.

Our curriculum is delivered through the Val Sabin scheme and is split into the following strands of games, gymnastics, dance, and athletics which will be covered throughout the year.  Year 3 will also have the opportunity to take swimming lessons as part of their PE lessons.  Pupils will then be assessed in Year 6 against the National Curriculum swimming requirements for the end of Key Stage 2.  Pupils not meeting the standard will be offered additional swimming lessons in Year 6. All pupils also have the opportunity to complete Bikeability Level One and Two in Years 4 and 6. 

In Key Stage 1, pupils will focus on developing fundamental movement skills in these strands which will then be developed and applied to traditional sports and games in Key Stage 2.  A full overview of sports and topics covered can be seen below.

In line with our Mission Statement to allow every child to reach their full potential, promoting physical activity and developing healthy lifestyles plays a key role at Cardinal Newman.  According to the UK Chief Medical Office, children should engage in 30 minutes of physical activity in school daily.  This is achieved at Cardinal Newman through opportunities for active breaks and lunchtimes, active lessons, extra-curricular clubs and the Daily Newman Mile. 

Throughout the year, we work closely with clubs in our local community; they provide opportunities for children to enhance their skills by joining us to deliver high quality PE lessons for all ages and abilities. Additionally, our aim is for every child to participate in several intra-school competitions each year and for every child to represent the school in some form of inter-school competition during their time at Cardinal Newman.

PE Overview  
Physical Education Progression of Skills